The guest House Logis de la Marine dates from 1934. It was originally built as lodgings for  naval officers by the Spanish,  who at that time  governed the region.

In 1969 when the province gained  independence, it once more became part of the Kingdom of Morocco, and the building was given  to the merchant navy. It was soon left abandoned, and remained so up until 2002.

In that year a bold, entrepreneurial and high-ranking  librarian from Nancy by the name of  Anselme Bouron fell in love with the house, and after 3 years of renovation work made of it his private residence. After some thought he decided to give this splendid building a  yet another life by turning it into  a guest house.

In 2011 a Belgian couple, Benoit and Dominique  were  travelling in southern Morocco when,   following the suggestions of the famous “routard” guide, they came across this rather unusual residence and took a look inside.

For our two Belgians the great adventure now began, a new page opened – and now it is up to you to judge the result…