The region

Both to the north and to the south of Sidi-Ifni you will find beautiful beaches and any number of fascinating creeks(?inlets in the coastline) which will leave you enchanted with the majesty of the Atlantic ocean which bathes the western coast of Morocco. Whether it is the superb arches dug out of the cliff at Legzira, or the more intimate beaches such as those at Sidi-Wafi, the coast abounds with wonders to discover. In Sidi-Ifni you’ll experience an authentic Berber atmosphere and come across the enchanting remains of its Spanish legacy: from the Plaza Espana, renamed Place Hassan II, with its church, the Royal Palace (formerly the governor’s residence) over the Town Hall and the old Spanish Consulate to the lighthouse, the airfield used as a souk on Sunday as well as  the green paths running alongside old typical buildings from the thirties.